hemp oil for sciatica

Hemp oil is used to relieve pain and inflammation, some of the primary characteristics associated with sciatica. In that regard, it is largely believed that hemp oil could help in alleviating the pain of sciatica, acting as a natural remedy.

Understanding Sciatica

Sciatica is a painful condition, characterised by constant tingling to searing pain that runs from the lower back down the lower legs. This pain occurs the moment the nerve is agitated or put under pressure, with the intensity varying from one person to another. The most common causes for this pain, include spinal stenosis, nerve damage or herniated disc.

How Effective is Hemp Oil for Sciatica?

Sciatic nerve pain is triggered by many issues. However, traits that are consistent regardless of the cause include pain and inflammation, problems that can be solved by hemp oil. While scientific proof for this attribute is still ongoing, preliminary research is enough evidence that it actually does work.

Understand that your body has an overstretched mechanism that is known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS). ECS is a series of receptors that are located within the peripheral and central nervous system, as well as other organs and tissues. When you take hemp oil, it allows the ECS to function properly. It is worth noting that the primary role of ECS is to keep your body balanced, regardless of the circumstance you are in.

Given that hemp oil has an overload of anti-inflammatory effects, it can help in sciatic pain, which involves inflammation. Remember that inflammation is a healing response that must not be suppressed. Generally, hemp oil is considered gentle and safe for use, and does not result in severe side effects. With inflamed injuries, hemp oil is highly recommended. However, if yours is a major structural issue, the oil may not help much, making it vital for you to speak to your healthcare provider.

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How to use the Oil

When it comes to the application of hemp oil, there are two very effective methods, both of which can be used together. The first one is the topical method, whereby the oil can be applied directly onto the skin for quick relief. The second one is the ingestion method, whereby the user takes the oil about two times a day to allow it to stay in the bloodstream for it to work at all times. Arguably, the best way to take this oil is through regular ingestion.

If you choose to embark on the journey of hemp oil, you should do so knowing that it can be a highly effective mode of treating sciatica pain. However, do it in moderation and be sure to consult your physician in severe cases.

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