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The use of hemp products to relieve anxiety has been on the rise over the past few years, thanks to various promising studies and research about the ability of hemp oil to help relieve anxiety. Both clinical and preclinical studies have proved that hemp oils have a therapeutic potential for anxiety or any form of uneasiness that we experience when we face both chronic and acute stressors.

Hemp is a bioactive compound found in hemp and marijuana plants. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Hemp does not cause the “highness” associated with marijuana, but it a lot of health benefits in the medical field.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is an adaptive response to acute stress in all humans. It is anxiety that helps us act when we sense potential threats in our day to day life. Every time we face danger, our bodies will increase the heart rate and increase our alertness to help us act quicker than average. This enhanced state of awareness is what allows us to escape the threat, especially in life and death situations.

Unfortunately, not all situations need such a response. You can feel anxious about daily life experiences like when you are about to meet new and prominent people. Most people experience anxiety when doing something new but there also people who have anxiety disorders that make anxiety a chronic experience.

Any form of anxiety that does not help in our survival is not good for our minds and bodies, and that is why it is classified as a type of mental illnesses. People with anxiety disorders experience a lot of negative feelings like fatigue, restlessness, nervousness, muscle tension, difficulty concentrating and many more. Anxiety has also been linked with a variety of negative health effects like increased risk of chronic illnesses, heart problems, digestive issues and skin problems.

How Hemp Oil Can Help Alleviate Anxiety

Several research and studies suggest that hemp oil can help relieve anxiety, but they lack evidence from large-scale clinical trials. Most studies are on small groups of people and lab animals. In a study done in 2011, researchers found out that hemp oil may be able to alleviate social disorders. The study involved 36 subjects with social anxiety disorders.twenty four subjects were given either placebo or 600mg of hemp 90 minutes before a public speaking experience. The other 12 also underwent the same conditions without hemp. The group who took hemp before the test showed signs of less anxiety, discomfort, and cognitive impairment.

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