• Since the United Kingdom first prescribed CBD medicines based on Hemp, Israel, Germany, Portugal, many EU countries and particularly the United States have already seen the potential in the CBD business and are looking in to its cultivation for medicinal purposes. “The current price of…

  • Obtaining a botanical extract from the hemp plant is a complex process. There are three main methods in answer to the question how is hemp oil extracted? Our method uses the Supercritical method which is the most expensive and reliable! See 1 below. 1. Extraction…

  • CBD in Sport

    10th June 2019

    Are you a professional athlete? Read this: Professional athletes from runners, cyclists and boxers are turning to CBD as part of their diet. During 2018, the removal of cannabidiol (CBD) from the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) banned substances list went into effect. This change prompted…

  • The CBD market has expanded rapidly, given its popularity. This has led to a variety of product offerings that have been touted as CBD. In order to make the right decision on which product to buy, you have to decide whether you would prefer the…

  • Myths on hemp range from hemp getting users high because of its close resemblance to cannabis to the myth that hemp can solve all the problems plaguing the world today. The myth that hemp can get the user high is not true as it lacks…

  • CBD has become popular due tot the CBD boom over the past few years. The substance has provided an alternative to the known chemical-based pharmaceutical drugs. The fact that the oil can be taken by the user through many methods has also made the product…

  • How to Take CBD Oil?

    13th April 2021

    You can take CBD using one of five methods. They include inhalation by vaping, eating it as edibles, taking it orally, placing it under the tongue, and through the application on the skin. Inhaling is one of the most common methods as it’s the fastest…

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