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CBD for Coronavirus and can it have any effect?


CBD for Coronavirus and can it have any effect consumers ask?

We have seen a huge increase in panic sales regarding toilet roll, hand sanitizer and food supplies. What about other foods?

CBD for the Coronavirus is not proven or advocated in anyway by our team and as we know there is no cure for Coronavirus so the answer to the question ‘Can CBD for Coronavirus help?’ The answer is no.

Here at HLC we are always here to try and educate our customers as much as possible on the CBD industry. Regarding viruses CBD has only shows to help with symptoms of flu and cold.

CBD has been known to help the immune system and have anti inflammatory properties.  Both cannabidiol (CBD) and THC, molecules found in the cannabis plant can help ease many common symptoms of the flu cold. CBD has natural antibacterial properties which has been known to fight against secondary bacterial infections that may develop from the cold and flu.

As the coronavirus is spreading in California and the USA cannabis businesses including Lowell Farms, Caliva, Sweet Flower and Sherbinskis say the demand is high: “People are stocking up supplies.”

Many CBD enthusiasts including those in the business and consumers who are familiar with the possible health benefits of CBD believe there will be a huge boost in CBD sales for the Coronavirus crisis due to its perceived benefits of the immune system.

E commerce sales of CBD in the USA have spiked while a new survey from Brighton Group suggests that 4 in 10 CBD consumers plan to use CBD more frequently because of the Covid 19 crisis with 15% planning ahead to use a higher dosage.

As we know CBD is used for depression and anxiety and this could be another reason statistics show the CBD sales has increased due to Coronavirus.

Unfortunately the Coronavirus has no vaccine yet and hopefully it will very soon.