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Myths on hemp range from hemp getting users high because of its close resemblance to cannabis to the myth that hemp can solve all the problems plaguing the world today. The myth that hemp can get the user high is not true as it lacks the THC component that gets people high. However, both plants contain CBD oils. The second myth says that people can camouflage marijuana in hemp whilst growing it in the field. This is untrue as there are notable differences between the two plants in terms of size.

Marijuana is short while hemp is tall and skinny. The myth that hemp will solve all the problems that exist in the world is an overstatement because even though it is a versatile plant, there are many issues it cannot solve such as climate change! Others postulate that hemp is a male cannabis plant. This is untrue as this plant is different and separate from marijuana. Another school of thought states that industrial hemp is only good in regard to making textile. This is false, given that the hemp plant is versatile and has many different purposes.

  1. CBD Hemp can not get you high
  2.  Hemp and Marijuana are different
  3. Hemp is not  a male cannabis
  4.  Insustrial hemp is grown specifically for cbd
  5.  CBD has 0.02 to zero THC. Our products contain zero 0.01 or under.

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