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Why pay more? We consider Hemp Life CBD to be an average 40% cheaper than other UK brands. Our oils are a large 30 mil size which last even longer! From our research an average 1200mg 30 mil CBD Oil is £75.99. Ours is under half the price at £34.99. It’s the same CBD. Just costs less!

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Benefits of CBD

In accordance with the strict laws and regulations concerning CBD, we cannot make health claims regarding our dietary supplements that contain CBD. We can only recommend and educate our customers on potential benefits our products may have for general wellness which you can see below.…

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Scientific Research

We love Research and Development, we constantly have our ear to the ground for developments within the cannabis and CBD industry. We, therefore, know what products are feasible and what we can and can’t produce. With our purpose built laboratory on the horizon, you will…

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How do I consume CBD ?

There are 4 common ways to consume CBD 1. Sublingual Tinctures 2. Inhalation 3. Application / Balm 4. Ingestion 1. Sublingual This is one of the most effective methods of taking CBD oil, where the user places some drops under the tongue and waits for…

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The Best Ingredients

Grown to Organic Standards

All  products are produced in a clinically clean laboratory in the heart of the UK. Produced from the finest UK Organic Hemp and one of only a few UK Hemp Farms!.

Our hemp oil products is of the finest quality and grown organically in the UK.

Each product is tested to the highest of standards and produced using our own unique and traditional technique. All additional flavourings are organic and sourced from local producers, thus helping our own local economy and sustainability. That is why we produce by far the best CBD products.

Experienced Team

Our team is a diverse mix of talent, ranging from marketing and business management.  We continue to develop our products and service all the way through to customer service, food production, biology and chemistry as well as engineering.

Why pay more?

Why pay more? Hemp Life CBD is considered by us to be on average around 40% cheaper than other UK CBD brands. You may ask why? Our CBD is grown in the UK and not imported and is from one of the largest Hemp Farms in the UK. Also with mass production we keep our costs down to be competitive and supplying probably the finest CBD in the UK!

All our CBD oils are 30 mil size which lasts even longer. You get more for your money with Hemp Life CBD! From our research an average 1200mg 30 mil CBD Oil is £75.99.  Ours is under half the price at £34.99!

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