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Benefits of Hemp Oil

In accordance with the strict laws and regulations concerning CBD, we cannot make health claims regarding our dietary supplements that contain CBD. We can only recommend and educate our customers on potential benefits our products may have for general wellness which you can see below.…

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Scientific Research

We love Research and Development, we constantly have our ear to the ground for developments within the cannabis and CBD industry. We, therefore, know what products are feasible and what we can and can’t produce. With our purpose built laboratory on the horizon, you will…

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How do I consume CBD ?

How do i consume CBD? There are 4 common ways to consume CBD 1. Sublingual Tinctures 2. Inhalation 3. Application / Balm 4. Ingestion 1. Sublingual This is one of the most effective methods of taking CBD oil, where the user places some drops under…

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Made in Britain

Our CBD oils are made from cannabis which is EU approved and  GM/pesticide/herbicide/fungicide free. We ensure our crop is grown using organic farming practices.

The CBD is extracted in a British lab, over 95% of our cannabis is grown in UK Home Office licensed facilities and even our recognised pharmaceutical grade packaging is British. Did you know? More than half of consumers want British brands to be made in the UK.

Daniel Davies CEO /Owner at Hemp Life CBD ‘Our CBD oil products are of the finest qualityusing hemp grown organically in the UK’

Each product is tested to the highest of standards and produced using our own unique and traditional technique. All additional flavourings are organic and sourced from local producers, thus helping our own local economy and sustainability. That is why we produce by far the best CBD products.

Our CBD Range Is Designed To Pass:

The 2021 FSA Novel Foods Law Exemptions

  • Pharmaceutical Amber glass bottle. Protect against UV light radiation
  • Clear labelling and strength indicator bars
  • Lab tests available to the public
  • All products are certified THC-Free
  • 40 Point Quality assurance checks
  • Natural flavours using cannabis terpenes
  • CBD range to be future-proofed for the FSA’s 2021 Novel Foods regulation

A range of strengths and flavours

  • Range of CBD strengths from ‘Low’ to ‘X-Strong’
  • Naturally made flavours Berry, Citrus and Natural
  • Broad plant spectrum CBD Oils with dozens of naturally occurring cannabis compounds
  • Transparently tested and fully compliant
  • Zero THC

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